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"Repression, Group Threat, & the Threat Environment"


Committee: Emily Hencken Ritter (co-Chair), Courtenay R. Conrad (co-Chair), Brad LeVeck, Haifeng Huang


"Oil Discoveries, Civil War, and Preventive State Repression"

With Curtis Bell, Emily Hencken Ritter, and Scott Wolford

Journal of Peace Research, Volume 59, Issue 5

Working Papers

"Media Framing and Audience Costs"

With Melissa N. Baker

"Understanding the Gap Between Public and Scholarly Concepts of Political Violence"
With M.P. Broache and Melissa N. Baker

Under Review

"The Effect of Elite Discourse on the Public's Understanding of (Violent) Political Events"

With M.P. Broache and Melissa N. Baker

"Bureaucracy and Conflict Recurrence"
With Ada Johnson-Kanu

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